Too busy working to have time to look at investing?

We understand, and we have the time to work for you. Often we find that most business owners and executives are so busy working that the topic of investment gets forgotten about, or deferred for another time, when you are less busy, which never comes. We welcome investment partners at all levels and are ready to get to work on property investment and or development opportunities.

Property has proven to be stable, and by investing and developing in the right areas of the city, we can maximise upside without the need to take a leap of faith.We can structure a property based investment for you in the following ways and tailor made to your need for growth and security.

Residential Investment property

We can build it, find you tenants, manage it and provide you with an income for life. By choosing the right areas and designing to fulfill demand, it is safe, affordable and time tested. Get in contact to see what we can do for you.

Commercial Property Investment

There are a variety of investment propositions when it comes to commercial, ranging from Retail, Warehousing, Office accommodation, Storage and many more. We have a strong interest in this area and welcome investment by way direct financial return on your money, partnership for long term ownership or JV scenarios for development projects. We can scale to suit your desired level of investment and return. Drop us a line to find out more.

‘Better than bank’ secured lending

If you would like a simple, secured return on you money without need to be involved in the nitty gritty of the day to day operation, we can tailor make a project or source a property opportunity to suit you. Everyone has a personal comfort level around risk, return and timeframes, and we are happy to work with you to accommodate something that will suit you on all levels. Give us a call to arrange a no obligation catch up.

The core purpose for us being involved in property is three fold:
– Realised Income through property development
– Passive Cashflow Creation
– Long term Capital Gain

We are always looking to expand our partner network to actively work towards these goals, and welcome any conversation from people interested in being involved from an entry level capacity through to the sophisticated investor.

Proposed Developments

Aria Apartments


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